Dan and I strayed #HarryPotter tonight. #Read a chapter and asked her to tell me what was in it and she said “bad guy killed mum and dad and he’s a little baby and he’s like a wizard and stuff and the giant man cried on his motor bike and done da dore, his beards in his pants! and the cat sat on the wall all day. Oh and yucky people and the kid threw food at the walls!” And I nodded and she yelled at me that she has to make a book mark fingy because do I need a bookmark fingy and then she made one so I think that went pretty well. But I forgot how hard it is to read out loud.

Belated birthday present from my lovely @certusebrius … A bread maker. I’ve been dribbling about how cool it would be and how much better and healthier it would be to make out own bread for a while now and you guys, I am baking my first loaf of crusty wholemeal bread and I am so excited I can’t even. It’s like, full nanna mode excellence over here. I hope I didn’t fuck it up!

I just kicked my little tow on the door so now I hurt and am slightly cranky but good day otherwise. Slept 12hrs last night, watched lots of S1 of FallingSkies, saw Transformers, got amazing laksa for dinner and that’s about it. Was most excellent. Tired now.